Apply For Singapore driving license

If you are interested in driving a vehicle in Singapore than you should confirm first that for which class of vehicle you are going to apply for Singapore driving license. People who are staying for more than 12 months here in Singapore should follow the rules for applying for the driving license in Singapore. Therefore, this requirement is applicable to all the citizens and permanent residents of Singapore and also applicable for Foreigners who are living in Singapore for more than 12 months.

People who are living here for less than 12 months should submit a valid foreign license and International Driving Permit (IDP) that is provided by the country

If an International Driving Permit is not available, then you can visit and translate your Foreign license in English is required.

What are the requirements for driver’s license in Singapore?

There are some of the requirements which fulfill to get driver’s license in Singapore

  • You should be of 18 years or above.
  • People who are applying for the driving license must pass two theory test on is Basic Theory and Advanced Theory and at the same time should pass through a piratical test.

How to convert foreign driver’s license to Singapore driver’s license

The following are some of the documents those are required to convert a foreign driver’s license to Singapore driver’s license

  • Certificate for the Singapore Basic Driving Theory Test
  • Passport
  • Foreign Driver’s license
  • Passport photography
  • A certificate from the licensing authority of test date
  • If you have a foreign license is not in English, an official translation will be required.
  • Entry Permit
  • Processing fee can be payable through NETS or cash card.
  • If you don’t have any driver’s license, you have a chance to apply one in Singapore.

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