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Arizona State Driver’s License | Out-of-State Transfer | Procedure for Change of Address | locations

According to Arizona State law you must register with Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles. If you plan to drive in Arizona State, there are very strict rules regarding driving privileges. Find out how you can meet State requirements before you start driving around. For more information about obtaining, renewing, replacing or change of address, duplicate license see below.

How to get driver license in Arizona State?

Arizona is one state, where vehicle and licensing administration is handled by Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) of Arizona Department of Transportation. Arizona issues an “extended” driver license that does not expire until age 65. However, your photo and vision screening need to be updated every 12 years. Drivers 60 years old and older will receive five-year license.

If you are temporary residents, such as out-of-state drivers and their spouses, or military personnel and their immediate family members, may apply for five-year license.

Features of Drivers License

  • Better Security Features to reduce Identity Fraud.
  • License Type printed under “Arizona” Logo. (ex. Commercial, Instruction Permit, Etc.)
  • Under 21 Drivers License in vertical format.

What Arizona driver license Requirements?

If you fill out Arizona Drivers License Application, and bring in completed form to our offices, you can save you quite time to get your new driver license. Otherwise, local office help you fill out your driver license application in Arizona.

  • Be at least 16 years old
  • Complete an Identification or Drivers License Application
  • Provide Proof of Identification
  • Provide proof of Arizona residency and presence
  • Must pass vision, written, driving tests.

What is Graduated Instruction Permit Requirements Arizona Driver’s license?

  • You must be at least 15 years and 6 months old.
  • You and parent must provide necessary application documents.
  • Must pass written and vision tests.
  • Must have licensed driver who is at least 21 years of age seated in front seat next to you at all times.

Arizona Graduated Driver License Requirements

  • You must be at least 16 years old.
  • Must hold an Arizona class G permit for at least six months.
  • Must have completed 20 hours of supervised, behind-the-wheel daytime driving practice and 10 hours of supervised nighttime driving practice of 30 hours before applying for graduated driver license.

For first six months, with graduated driver license cannot drive between hours of midnight to 5 a.m. unless one of these conditions is fulfilled.

  • Parent or legal guardian who has valid driver license is sitting in front passenger seat.

Graduated Driver License shall not drive a motor vehicle containing more than one passenger under age of 18 on public highway unless one of these conditions is met:

  • Drive with teen driver’s siblings.
  • Driver is go by parent or legal guardian with valid driver license who occupies front passenger seat.

Note: If teen driver has no outstanding extensions of restricted driving period or suspension of driving privileges during completion of first six months of restricted driving, then you may drive without restriction until eligible to apply for Class D driver license beginning at age 18.

What is an Adult Drivers License?

In some states, plan of driver’s license may change when you reach at certain age. It is possible for your license to switch from vertical design to flat card once you turn 21. You may want to seek out duplicate or replacement adult drivers’ license when you reach age of 21.

What is the process to get driver license in Arizona?

Are you learning to drive, you need an Arizona driver license to legally operate vehicle in state. To get driver license in Arizona depends on whether you are first-time driver or transfer from another state. In addition, some steps you need to be taken to get driver license in Arizona State.

How will Arizona drivers license application process?

Arizona driver license application process is open to residents who are eligible for minimum qualifications. New drivers’ license in Arizona must prove identity, social security number and authorized presence in United States. On other hand, you need to pass written driver exam and road test. Additionally, you need to complete driver’s education course is required for candidates younger than 18 years of age.

What is eligibility to get driver license in Arizona?

State of Arizona requires that you get an Arizona driver license immediately as resident of Arizona. To apply driver license in Arizona, you need to visit your local Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) office as soon as possible. To get license to drive in Arizona, you need to go certain age, residency and testing requirements.

What are the fees for driver license in Arizona?

Pay required fee. In Arizona, license fees are assessed based on your age. This is due to the fact that Arizona licenses expire on your 65th birthday. Therefore, the older you are, the sooner your license will expire, and the cheaper it will be.

  • If you are between 16 and 39, fee is $25.
  • You are between 40 and 44, fee is $20.
  • If you are between 45 and 49, fee is $15.
  • If you are 50 or older, fee is $10.

Arizona State Other Fees

  • Instruction permit- $7
  • Motorcycle endorsement- $7
  • Restricted instruction permit- $3
  • Duplicate license or ID card- $12
  • Duplicate instruction permit- $2
  • Out-of-state driver license skill test- $15
  • Out-of-state vision screening- $5
  • Motor vehicle record, uncertified 39-month- $3
  • Motor vehicle record, certified five-year- $5
  • Abandoned vehicle fee- $500
  • Abandoned vehicle fee (on federal land)- $600
  • Returned check fee- $25

If your license is revoked, suspended or canceled, you may be required to pay another application fee in addition to reinstatement fee.

Payment may be made by credit card, cash, check, traveler’s check or money order payable to Motor Vehicle Division. Returned check and reinstatement fees may not be paid by check.

How to report lost or stolen driver license in Arizona?

To get an Arizona copy of driver’s license at your local Arizona motor vehicle division. State of Arizona motor vehicle division advice drivers to inform police in case of stolen driver’s license. Also, if you think you have been victim of theft, you should report incident to local law enforcement agency, stating that your license has been stolen. For future use, you can get copy of filed report.

How to replace an Arizona Driver’s license?

Driver’s license replacement in Arizona can get in case of lost or stolen or damages. Your license is lost or stolen or destroyed or damaged can be used by other person. Replacing driver’s license in Arizona you have to complete list of requirements with Arizona Motor Vehicle Division (MVD).

There are several options are available to replace drivers licenses, such as in person, online, by phone or by mail. Each method has steps to follow the process. Military members can also get an Arizona duplicate driver’s license, but they have to prove they are eligible for procedure. To find out which Arizona drivers’ license replacement method is most convenient for you, have a look into below sections.

How to get duplicate Arizona driver license or IDs at home?

Arizona department of transportation motor vehicle division had added another option to drivers. Further, drivers can do list of things at home to avoid lines at motor vehicle division offices. Customers who apply for duplicate driver license or ID card can print their temporary license at home using plain paper.

How many methods to replace Arizona driver’s license?

State motor vehicle division gives you three options in country, such as in person, online or by phone. Each of these methods has certain eligibility requirement you need to fulfill. To replace your driver license in Arizona, you must also pay replacement fee of license. At the moment, you need to pay an Arizona duplicate license is $12.

Method of replacement driver’s license by In Person

To get an Arizona drivers license copy in person, you need to visit nearby MVD location in Arizona. Before going to local office or any authorized third party provider, be sure that you are eligible to get license. In-person driver’s license replacement in Arizona must be done in following cases

  • You had change of name.
  • You want to have your Social Security Number removed from your license.
  • You want to update your photograph.

When replacing their driver’s license in person, drivers in Arizona must present two documents proving their identity. In case none of forms contains your photo, you will be obliged to bring three proofs of identification. Note that one of them must be listed under primary category. Drivers with name change will be required to hand over identification in both their new and previous names.

Note- if you hold license to drive that was issued before July 1995 must visit an Arizona MVD office for photo update.

Method of replacement Arizona driver license by Online

You can get drivers license copy online in Arizona and you can use official website of state’s MVD. To use online service, you must to provide personal information, as well as their full name and date of birth. Before getting drivers license replacement in Arizona electronically, make sure you have major debit, credit or check card for $12 replacement fee. After you finish transaction successfully, you will receive an email confirmation, which must be printed for your convenience.

Note that express delivery of your Arizona duplicate driver’s license is available for an additional fee. This website can also be used for an address change for free. In case you request an Arizona replacement driver’s license with an updated address, you must pay allotted fee.

Replace your lost license over phone

If you choose to get their duplicate drivers license by phone must have credit card on hand to finish transaction. Certain transactions must be completed in person at an Arizona DMV office. Not all DMV procedures can be completed at every location. Additionally, note that wait times are normally long. So make sure to take advantage of online assistance to prepare for your visit.

Call (877) 301-8093 during normal business hours (Monday-Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.) to speak with Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) agent. Agent will walk through process over phone.

How to Replace an Arizona License for Military Members?

Military members and their dependents also have an option to avail Arizona driver’s license replacement. You can replace your driver’s license, only if your digital photograph is on file with Arizona Motor Vehicle Division office.

To get an Arizona drivers license copy, members of U.S. Armed Forces have three methods such as online, by phone or by mail. If you choose to get copy of your driver’s license using in-mail service, state Motor Vehicle Division requires you to send $12 check made payable to Arizona MVD, to following address-

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 2100

MD 510

Phoenix, AZ 85001

Note- DMV in Arizona asks you to allow four weeks for driver’s license delivery.

How to change address on Arizona State Driving license?

You can change your address through Arizona official online. You will be asked to provide your name, date of birth and driver license or identification card number. Address changes are free. There is $12 charge if you request replacement driver license or identification card.

When you change your address on our records, it will automatically change address on your driver-license record and on each vehicle record in which you are designated to receive registration.

What is Arizona driver’s license Address Change Procedures?

You want to get duplicate license upon update your address. Requesting duplicate is not mandatory when changing your address on your driver’s license. In order to file for duplicate Arizona drivers license, you will need

  • Arizona drivers license number
  • Proof of new address
  • A debit card, credit card or check to pay $4 fee

How can I replace a lost or stolen license, and how much will it cost?

You may replace lost or stolen driver license or identification card online, by phone or at any Motor Vehicle Division or authorized third-party office. Duplicate license fees is $12 and duplicate can ordered by online can be sent by express delivery for an additional fee.

If you visit an office, you must have two forms of identification, one of which contains your photo (or three forms of identification, if no photo). Management approval may be required. If your license has been lost or stolen and you have reason to believe someone else is using it, the incident should be reported to your local police department as an identity theft.

Who will requested to replace lost driver’s license in Arizona?

Driving without license is illegal, so if your driver’s license has been lost or stolen, you have no choice but to replace it. For instance, replacement ID card is requested such as nondriver has completed official name, change procedure or to update their ID card photo.

While state Arizona Department of Transportation offers option to replace ID card online in Arizona, you may required to replace your documents in person for certain reasons. For instance, applicants replacing identification cards for purposes of updating their name or photo or removing Social Security Number from their official document need to do in person.

Note– Parents will be required to obtain an AZ copy of ID card on behalf of their children on regular basis, as child grows.

How to renew or replace ID card of Driver License in Arizona State?

You can renew your driver license up to six months before expire date of current license. You cannot renew through online, so you need to visit an Arizona Motor vehicle division. You have to submit your current driver license as your primary identification document and you need second form of identification for driver license renewal.

After completing renewal process you will receive temporary license that is valid for 30 days. Your permanent license will be mailed to address you provide. Please make sure address is correct in records.

Who will process renew or replace ID card in Arizona state?

Arizona state ID renewal process and procedure to replace ID card are both offered through state Department of Transportation (DOT). Arizona ID card renewal is transaction that is completed to extend validity of document, replacing ID card is a process that is generally finalized by applicants with damaged, stolen or lost ID card documents. Learn more about the procedures to renew or replace ID card credentials by reading the following sections.

What is process to get Arizona Drivers License Replacement Out-Of-State?

If your driver’s license was lost, stolen, or damaged while you were out of state, or country, you will need to follow instructions listed above to replace it. Under normal conditions, replacement license is mailed to address on file on same day, unless request was made after 4 p.m., where it will be mailed next day.

What is Arizona Driver’s Manual?

This manual is designed to help you obtain driver license or an instruction permit by explaining Arizona Motor Vehicle laws. Arizona driver manual provides information regarding different types of licenses, state traffic laws, road signs, safe driving information and regulations all of which will help you drive safely and successfully.

  • You must pull over and stop at side of road for any emergency vehicle with its lights or sirens on
  • Signs in yellow with black lettering and symbols are usually warning signs

What is contact information of Arizona State?

Arizona MVD office is closed on weekends and holidays. Office hours vary by different Arizona branch. For most offices, you need arrive before 4 pm for vehicle inspection or driver license written test and before 4.30 pm for all other transactions.  See Arizona State locations https://www.azdot.gov/motor-vehicles/hours-and-locations/servicearizona-kiosk-locations

How to make Arizona Motor vehicle division Appointment?

You want to purchase Travel driver license or identification card may schedule an appointment at participating MVD office. Also you can go directly to Arizona MVD office. If you want to schedule Road test are required to make an appointment at participating MVD office. However, you can also view or cancel an existing appointment by selecting an appointment type and then entering same information you entered to create appointment.

How do you get Motor Vehicle record in Arizona?

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) is computer printout of driving or vehicle record. As per Arizona law, driver license record information may be released by Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection Act. State Law requires you to have permissible use for requesting and receiving an MVD record that contains personal identifying information.

If eligible, you can get and print copy of record online. You may also obtain copy by completing Motor Vehicle Record Request and submitting $3 for an uncertified record (3 years driving record) or $5 for certified record (5-year driving record) by mail or at any MVD branch. Your signature on form must be notarized or witnessed by an MVD agent.

What options you have besides going to an Arizona MVD office?

Many MVD services, such as registration renewals, address changes, voter registration, license plate refunds, temporary permits and more can be conducted online day and night, seven days week at your convenience. Visit https://servicearizona.com/ before you visit an MVD office.

What are requirements to renew driver license when age 65 or over?

You are required to update your photo every 12 years. At end of 12 years, notice will be sent to you requesting that you visit driver license facility for new photo and replacement driver license. Failure to comply with this request may result in disqualification for certain driver license services, including online services, such as duplicate replacements for lost or damaged licenses. In addition, you will be required to pass vision screening test. Renewed license will be valid for five years and fee is $10.

Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box 2100

MD 510

Phoenix, AZ 85001

What is needed for person from another country to drive in Arizona?

You may legally drive in Arizona using valid driver license from another country. An international driving license or permit is not required, but it is recommended because it can be printed in English and used in with driver license from other country. If an international driving license or permit is used alone, it must be issued by country other than United States.

However, Arizona law requires that you obtain an Arizona driver license immediately if any one of following applies to you

  • You work in Arizona (other than for seasonal agricultural work).
  • You are registered to vote in Arizona.
  • You have place children in school without paying tuition rate of nonresident.
  • You have business that has an office in Arizona that bases and operates vehicles in this state.
  • You have obtained state license or pay school tuition fees at same rate as an Arizona resident.
  • You have business that operates vehicles to transport goods or passengers within Arizona.
  • You have remained in Arizona for total of seven months or more during any calendar year, regardless of your permanent residence.
  • Out-of-state students enrolled with seven or more semester hours are not considered Arizona residents, regardless of employment.

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