Renewal of Photo card Driving license

There is no need for a renewal of driving license for the citizens of Singapore and the permanent residents happen since the introduction of the photo card license.  The driving license is to those people who have a normal lifespan and submit their request to the traffic Police. If the person passes away, then the license is given back to the Traffic Police for cancellation. A person who gains...
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What is the Age eligibility for a driving license in Singapore

 Class 1 minimum age is18 years: issued to only physical disabilities. Class 2B (minimum of 18 years):  Motorcycles whose engine capacity doesn't exceed to 200cc. Class 2A (minimum of 19 years):  Motorcycles whose engine capacity not exceeding to 400cc with an ownership of at least a year Class 2 (minimum of 20 years):  Motorcycle engine capacity exceeds 40cc, where motorcycle ownership of...
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Apply For Singapore driving license

If you are interested in driving a vehicle in Singapore than you should confirm first that for which class of vehicle you are going to apply for Singapore driving license. People who are staying for more than 12 months here in Singapore should follow the rules for applying for the driving license in Singapore. Therefore, this requirement is applicable to all the citizens and permanent residents...
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