Driving license Renewal and exchanging your licence

Driving license Germany
As an EU national living in Germany, if you want to renew your driving license then you have to move to local driving license authority. However, the cost will depend on the nature of the each and every individual case. Therefore, fees must be payable to the authority and it varies from EUR 35 and EUR 40. As a result, there is an additional fee for the medical checks for bus and lorry drivers.

If you live in Germany and if you want to take some other tests when you renew your license class C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D1E, D, DE and these tests do not depend on age, but it depends on the types of driving license.

How to obtain a new driving license
If you are registered in Germany, then contact your local authority in Germany and then apply for a new driving license.
If you are not yet registered with a local authority in Germany, then you cannot acquire a German driving license.
Exchanging your licence
If you want to change your residence to another EU country, then it is not necessary to change your driving license. You have a chance to use your current license as long as it remains valid. If you wish, voluntarily exchange your license for an equal one in your new country of residence. You should have to prove that you are resident of that country and has to follow all the conditions for having the driving license.

In order to exchange your driving license, they have to contact authorities in your previous country of residence that helps to check that your driving license is restricted, suspended or withdraw

Replace and lost of driving license
German driving license can be issued only in Germany by German authorities and are applied in Germany. If you lost or stolen your driving license than contacting your nearest police station and report the loss.

If you lost your driving license and you need it to be replaced then you should contact.
If you are not a resident of German, they can visit your country consulate or embassy.
If you are the residence of German then can directly visit at local driving license authority.
Candidates should apply for a replacement of license without any delay.

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