?> How to apply for Nebraska driver's license? Know Nebraska driving license fees & forms | Renew Nebraska drivers license or change name, address in at Nebraska DMV

How to apply for Nebraska driver’s license? Know Nebraska driving license fees & forms | Renew Nebraska drivers license or change name, address in at Nebraska DMV

Getting Nebraska driver’s license is now an easy task as it would not trouble any person from now on. However, before you apply for Nebraska driving license you must always check for eligibility criteria of driver’s license of Nebraska as it is only then that you can apply for this driver’s license. Keeping this aspect in mind we have listed out all the details that would help you in obtaining driver’s license of Nebraska without much difficulty.

In this article on Nebraska driver’s license you would get to know more about application form required for Nebraska driver’s license. You will also have idea of Nebraska driver’s license fee besides documents that you have to submit in order to get this driving license.

Further in the article you shall find information regarding renewal process of driver’s license of Nebraska. This information is going to help every reader when they will apply for a Nebraska driver’s license in future.

What are the types of driver’s licenses in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, one would find that there are different types of driving licenses. Such variations are due to the simple fact that things would be easier for not only the authorities but also the people who are applying for a Nebraska driver’s license. To help you further in this aspect, you can continue reading this article.

Different driver’s license in Nebraska

  1. Permit

Authorities give a Permit to applicants who are younger than 17 years of age and this is first type of license in Nebraska

  1. Operator’s license

While second type of driver’s license is an Operator’s license or Class O license. This license is generally given to those who are going to drive only a motor vehicle. There are however, some of the exceptions and these include that you will not be able to drive commercial motor vehicle or motorcycle also.

  1. Motorcycle license

Motorcycle license in Nebraska is from the M Class. Driver’s license issuing authorities give you this license in order to help you operate either a motor cycle or a vehicle that has 3 wheels.

  1. Commercial driver’s license of Nebraska

As the name says, Nebraska has a different set of driver’s license for commercial vehicles. This license comes under the tag CDL while its Class is of A, B or C class. An individual applies for commercial driving license when they wish to transport hazardous materials.

Authorities issue this license when operation for vehicle which weighs either 26, 000 lbs or more than that is in question. Finally CDL or commercial driver’s license applies to cases when you are about to carry 16 passengers or more than this number of passengers.

Forms to be filled to get Nebraska driver’s license

In order to apply for a driver’s license in Nebraska, you would be required to fill a driver’s license application form. All the types of licenses that have been stated above have different forms. Therefore, it would be best if you could directly go to the official website of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles and collect the driver’s license application form from there.

The link to the official website is – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/forms and after you click on this link you have access to Commercial Driver’s License or Standard Licensing Forms among other related forms.

Steps to apply for Nebraska driver’s license

Now that you have knowledge of things related to driver’s license such as types of driver’s licenses in Nebraska and who all can apply for it; it would without any doubt become easier for an individual to apply for a driving license.

You can now continue reading as below we have given details wherein you would find detailed information related to driver’s license and how to apply for it besides information on how who all can apply for it.

How to get Learner’s Permit or LPD in Nebraska?

Authorities issue an LPD or Learner’s Permit so that candidates can practice driving legally. Applicants of this particular driving license have to be careful about some other aspects as well because it is the other factors that would count a lot at the end of the day.

Rules to know before applying for a Nebraska Learner’s Permit

  • You receive Learner’s Permit only when you wish to practice driving to get Motorcycle License or Provisional Operator’s Permit or the Operator’s License
  • Licensed driver has to accompany Learner’s Permit holder
  • Licensed driver should be at the least 21 years of age

Documents required for Learner’s Permit

  • Proof of U S Citizenship or Lawful Status
  • Minimum 2 documents having Principal address in Nebraska
  • You must specify valid social security number

What is the minimum age limit to get Learner’s Permit?

Teen driving license is possible to be applied for if the candidate is 15 years of age. There is another option given by using which you can apply for learner’s license before your 15th birthday. But it has got to be only 60 days before your 15th birthday and not prior to that.

Tests conducted to get learner’s license

Like in most cases of driving license application form, a learner’s license application procedure requires you to be ready for vision test as well as written tests.

Validity of Nebraska learner’s license

Right from the date your license has been issued, it will be valid for a year only.

What is the fee for learner’s permit in Nebraska?

In Nebraska, you would be required to pay learner’s permit fee along with security surcharge. Hence to make things clear you can check the below table as it mentions all these details clearly –

Fees for LPD Nebraska

Type of the document Fee Security surcharge Total
Original $ 8. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 10. 50
Replacement $ 11. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 13. 50
Change of class, restriction or endorsement $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

For more information on learner’s license you may go to the official website as well by clicking on – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/dl/learners-permit.

How to get a Nebraska Operator’s License?

If you are a resident of Nebraska then you can apply for an Operator’s Driver’s License under Class O category. Read following rules so that you understand as to what will be the rules under Class O driving license –

  • With Nebraska class O driver’s license, you can drive any motor vehicle such as moped, auto cycle or the ATV
  • License holder will not be allowed to drive commercial motor vehicle and a motor cycle with operator’s license
  • All residents of Nebraska can apply for a Nebraska license for driving motor vehicle on highways and streets
  • In case you are a new resident in Nebraska and have a valid driver’s license from another state then it is necessary that you get a Nebraska license in 30 days from moving to Nebraska
  • Minimum age limit to get Class O license of Nebraska is 17 years

Documents required for Nebraska Operator’s License

  • U S Citizenship proof
  • Valid social security number
  • Two documents having principal address in Nebraska

Driver’s license tests

Applicants who are applying for Class O driver’s license have to undergo some of the tests in order to become eligible for the application procedure.

Fee for driver’s license of Class O Nebraska

Type of the document Fee amount Security surcharge Total
5 years validity $ 24. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 26. 50
Valid for more than 3 years but cannot be more than 4 years $ 19. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 21. 50
Valid for more than 2 years and never be more than 3 years $ 14. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 16. 50
Valid for more than 1 year but should not more than 2 years $ 10. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 12. 50
Valid for 1 year or less than that $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

Bi – optic or telescopic lens restriction category fee structure

Type of the document Fee amount Security surcharge Total
Valid for more than 1 year but is not more than 2 years $ 10. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 12. 50
Valid for 1 year or less than that $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

Check below fee structure as well –

Replacement $ 11. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 13. 50
Change of class, restriction or endorsement $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

For more information on driver’s license of Class O, you can go to official website of Nebraska – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/dl/driver-license.

Steps to get Class M Nebraska driver’s license

With a Class M driver’s license you can operate not only 3 – wheeled motor vehicle but also a motor cycle. However, you must be of 17 years age to be capable of holding a motor cycle license. Below we listed out documents and fees for Motor cycle license.

Documents required for Class M / Motor cycle license

  • U S Citizenship proof
  • Valid social security number
  • 2 documents containing principal address of Nebraska

Nebraska Class M driver’s license tests

Drive tests are common to all categories of driver’s license of Nebraska. Separate provision has been provided for cases when you fail drive tests continuously for 3 times. To be on the safe side it is better that you read through driver’s manual carefully beforehand only so that you do not face any kind of a problem later on.

Fee for Motorcycle License Nebraska

Document type Fee Security surcharge Total
5 years validity $ 24. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 26. 50
Validity is for more than 3 years but is not more than 4 years $ 19. 00 $ 2. 50


$ 21. 50
When validity is more than 2 years but cannot more than 3 years $ 14 .00 $ 2. 50 $ 16. 50
Valid for more than 1 year but should not be more than 2 years $ 10. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 12. 50
Valid for 1 year or less than a year $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

Bi option or the telescopic lens restriction –

Type of the document Fee Security surcharge Total amount
More than 1 year valid but should not be more than 2 years $ 10. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 12. 50
Valid is for 1 year or less than that $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

Some more details on fee structure

Type of the document Fee Security surcharge Total amount
Replacement charges $ 11. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 13. 50
Change of endorsement or restriction or class $ 5. 00 $ 2. 50 $ 7. 50

For further information on Motorcycle License or Class M you can visit official website by clicking on – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/dl/motorcycle-license-class-m.

Nebraska Commercial driver’s license rules

  • For interstate minimum age required is 21 years
  • In case of intrastate, 18 years old is the age limit
  • Generally expiration date of CDL or commercial driver’s license of Nebraska is 5 years from the date of issuance
  • But when it is case of individuals who are aged 21, their license shall be valid only till their 21st birthday

For more information on Nebraska CDL, you can check official website so that all your doubts are cleared. And the link to official website is – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/cdl/cdl.

How to renew driver’s license in Nebraska?

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles grants you permission to renew your driver’s license online. And so renewing Class O license, Commercial driver’s license or Class M license is now an online procedure.

But before you go ahead and renew your license, you must keep some of the facts in mind so that you do not face any kind of an issue later in the future.

Rules to know before renewing Nebraska driver’s license

  • Name should not have changed from the time permit or license was issued
  • Renewal of documents takes place once in every 10 years, you must therefore renew your driver’s license once in 10 years that too in person
  • As there will be slight changes in physical description, photos as well as physical description from current document will be taken forward
  • Thus rest of the features remain same in renewed document
  • Another most important thing that you should keep in mind is that when you renew Class O, Class M or CDL license, your current license would have to be about to expire on your 72nd It is so because only after this case is met that your license can be renewed

Steps to renew driver’s license of Nebraska

Firstly, before you go ahead and check the renewal process of Nebraska’s driver’s license, you should look for a Driver Licensing Location. Such a homework would give a head start to the rest of the process while making your process easier than ever.

In case you are not aware of these things then you can click on following link to be directed to official site. On – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/locations (this) page you shall locate all the Nebraska DMV Counties. In addition you get to have information regarding driver licensing office closing and related contact information.

Get Nebraska’s driver’s license renewal form

In the next step you must download and mention all required details in the data form. There is option for you to download the form beforehand and then go to driver’s license office or get the form directly in the office.

If at all you wish to get the form right away then click on the following links to be directed to the official website of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles –

  • For operator’s license data form you click on – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/sites/dmv.nebraska.gov/files/doc/dls/forms/classoidform.pdf
  • If you wish to get commercial driver’s license data form then click on – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/sites/dmv.nebraska.gov/files/doc/cdl/cdldataform.pdf

List of documents required to renew driver’s license of Nebraska

  • 2 proof of address documents (when you have changed your home or when address was not verified before)
  • 1 identity document

Nebraska driver’s license renewal process for out of state residents

There can be chances that you are out of town on one hand while you applied for renewal of your driver’s license on the other hand. If this is a situation that you are going through then you do not have to worry as we have brought out a list of instructions to help you out of this particular situation.

Rules to follow when renewing Nebraska driver’s license out of NE

  • First and foremost important detail is that you can renew your license by mail
  • For this you fill Out – of – State License Renewal Replacements data form
  • To get this form you can click on following link – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/sites/dmv.nebraska.gov/files/doc/dls/forms/outofstaterenewaldataform.pdf
  • In the next step you have to meet requirements laid down in the vision exam
  • Further you attach valid Nebraska driver’s license copy to your form
  • 2 proof of Nebraska residency documents are to be attached as well


As you are renewing your license when not in Nebraska you should provide out of state address as well as phone number. There is also an option for you to give the authorities your out of state fax number. And when you are ready with all your documents are ready then you can either send it by fax or mail it to official address. Below you can find details for the same –

Fax number is – (402) 471 40 20

Mailing address is as follows –

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles,

P.O. Box 94726, Lincoln, NE 68509

Points to remember

  • Once you have mailed or faxed all the details including form and documents, then you receive issuance certificate from the authorities
  • After receiving this certificate you must sign it and attach renewal fee before you return it to the Lincoln office in Nebraska
  • When the authorities receive payment they issue temporary driving receipt
  • Temporary driving receipt is valid for 30 days only
  • However, after about 14 business days or so, you actually receive your renewed Nebraska driver’s license
  • This renewed driver’s license shall be sent to the address specified by the applicant only

Nebraska driver’s license renewing process for Military Members

Important notes

  • Military personnel who are stationed in Germany should have valid U S driver’s license
  • Apart from this it is also necessary for them to have a USAREUR license

On the other hand if the military members are on active duty away from Nebraska then not only the military member but also spouse and the dependents are part of the military exemption card. Therefore according to the rules military member along with spouse and dependents have a driver’s license that is valid for 60 days.

This duration is calculated based on the day you returned to Nebraska or you are leaving the service. As a result of these instructions, it would not be difficult for military members and their family to renew Nebraska driving license provided they follow all the rules laid down by the authorities.

How can I receive exemption card?

It is a simple process by following which you can receive your exemption card. So all you have to do is follow the instructions mentioned below in a step by step way –

  • You must write a request that has been dated as well as signed by you
  • This request must include current address of yours
  • Apart from this it is necessary for you to add copy of current military orders as well as Nebraska’s driver’s license copy

When all your documents are up to date then you would have to send them to the following address. Before forwarding these details you make sure of one simple fact and it is that all documents are to be correct only –

Mailing address is –

Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles

Driver and Vehicle Records Division

Attn: Military Exemption

P.O. Box 94789, Lincoln, NE 68509


There is another facility given to the military personnel and it is that you can send the renewal request through mail as well. For this option to be utilized you will follow above given steps but that is not the end as you will have to attach some more documents in order to get on the right track.

Required documents list

  • Copy of current orders
  • One copy of leave papers
  • Military ID card
  • You should submit one copy of the discharge papers as well (these will however be valid only for 60 days from the day of discharge)

Important note:

As a rule, you must show Nebraska residency proof when you are in Nebraska or you are not in Nebraska. But when the case is that you do not have residency in Nebraska then it is compulsory for you to show an LES statement. This statement will indicate details of your payment of taxes to Nebraska.

Once you have proved your Nebraska residency then as a rule, you should provide 2 documents as an address proof. These documents have to specify your new out – of – state address. Or these address documents can have an APO or FPO address. Whatever may be the situation, it is necessary for you to attach all the required documents so that nothing is wrong at the end of the day.

What is the fee to renew Nebraska driver’s license?

Renewing driver’s license requires you to pay a certain amount to the authorities while you keep it in mind that the fee structure depends on the duration of driver’s license. Below we have listed out complete details for the same –

Nebraska driver’s license renewal fee structure

  • For one year duration, you pay $ 7. 50
  • 1 to 2 years of driver’s license duration requires $ 12. 50
  • If you select 2 to 3 years of driver’s license validity then you have to pay $ 16. 50
  • When the case is of 3 to 4 years of validity of renewed version of Nebraska driving license then you should pay $ 21. 50
  • Finally $ 26. 50 is the fee for renewing driver’s license of Nebraska with a 5 year validity

Points to remember

  • You must be ready to pay $ 2. 50 as security charge in order to have all the documents assessed
  • These charges apply to the documents that are issued online or also for those people who wish to get the documents in person
  • You may also refer the official site of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles in order to clarify your doubts related to the online services provided by the department
  • To reach the official website, you can click on – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/services as this link directly takes you to the official Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles website

How to change address in Nebraska driver’s license online?

In order to change the address on Nebraska driver’s license online, you would be required to go to the official website of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. From there you should continue with the renewal driver’s license procedure.

However, you should never forget that specifying address change in the update driver’s license form is mandatory as it is only after that you get new updated driver’s license. There are some more rules that an individual as a candidate has to follow and these rules and regulations have been listed below –

  • You are holder of Class O (car) license or State ID Card or Class M (motor cycle) license
  • You did not have two replacements or more than that in the past 5 years
  • You have never changed your name from the time State ID Card or last license was issued

So when you fulfill all the above strategies, you would be able to update address in your Nebraska driving license. If you require more information and wish to have renewal process begin then you can read previous paragraphs as it specifies all things clearly. For further procedure on modifying address on driver’s license of Nebraska you can click on following link to go to official website directly – https://www.nebraska.gov/dmv/dlr/index.cgi.

Steps to change address on Nebraska driver’s license in person at DMV

In addition to the above stated procedure, there is facility to change address on Nebraska driver’s license in person. For this however, all applicants have to follow different procedure that we have listed below.

Continue reading to know more about Nebraska driver’s license address process at DMV or the Driver Licensing Office –

Documents required for replacing Driver’s license, State ID Card or Permit

  • You fill required details in – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/sites/dmv.nebraska.gov/files/doc/dls/forms/classoidform.pdf form
  • You must submit filled in form at the driver licensing office
  • Apart from this you submit 1 identification proof that includes your name as well as date of birth
  • Submitting 2 proof of address is necessary
  • Pay required fee to the authorities
  • DMV vision as well as medical requirements are to be met as well
  • Post payment of fee and procedure being completed, County Treasurer issues 30 day receipt
  • However your driver’s license or state ID card or also the permit shall be mailed to you within 14 business days


In case you do not receive your updated Nebraska driver’s license in 20 days then it is better that you contact the Driver Licensing Services at 402 471 3861. Another important point to be kept in mind is that your entire previously issued documents stand cancelled from the time new Nebraska driver’s license has been issued. Therefore, you can never use them as your proof of identification in later years. For further information on Nebraska driver’s license address change process you can directly go to the official website of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles by clicking on following link – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/dl/change-address.

How to change name in Nebraska driver’s license?

Apart from changing address on your driver’s license of Nebraska, authorities grant permission to have name changed on your driving license. But for this you must remember one of the most vital points and it is that you can never update change of name on Nebraska driver’s license online.

As a result of which you should go personally to the Driver Licensing Office in order to have the name changed. Moreover to assist you further in this procedure of name change in driving license you can continue reading following article –

  • As applicants you must submit one proof of identity that has name as well as date of birth of the identity holder
  • This document is useful to get a replacement of Nebraska driver license or also state ID card or the permit
  • Another important point that has to be kept in mind is that some of the important documents that can be submitted here should have the following things in place –
  1. In case you are submitting marriage license or court order or a divorce decree then driver licensing staff have to understand this name change
  2. It would be better if you could provide a full legal name before as well as after the marriage as these would help the authorities understand the situation
  • When all the above stated documents are ready then you can go ahead and get the application form to modify name on the driver’s license of Nebraska
  • In order to get the form you can go to the driver licensing office or get the form from the following official link of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/sites/dmv.nebraska.gov/files/doc/dls/forms/classoidform.pdf
  • You would also be required to submit proof of address
  • But it is only when earlier submitted address proof has not been verified or in situations when you have moved to another place
  • You got to pay driver license name change fee and post which you must be able to meet not only DMV vision but also medical requirements


Usually applicants would be getting 30 day receipt from the County Treasurer but this shall happen only after payment of appropriate fees. You would later (that is in about 14 business days) receive state ID card or driver license or the permit (whichever you had applied for).

If at all you do not receive any of these documents within 20 days of submission of name change in Nebraska driver’s license then you can contact the Driver Licensing Services at their official number which is 402 47 13 861.

Upon issuance of Nebraska updated driver license, your earlier documents (read driving license) are declared invalid therefore, you can never use them as a proof of identification. As a result you would be required to switch to the new updated driving license of Nebraska. If you have some more queries or wish to get details on name change on Nebraska driver license then you can go to the official website of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles directly by clicking on the website link given here – https://dmv.nebraska.gov/dl/name-change.

Thus when you follow above given details on Nebraska driver’s license, all things will be cleared and you would not face any kind of problem in the future.

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