How to apply for the driver’s license in Malaysia? Types of Driver’s license in Malaysia

Everyone who operates a motor vehicle or motorcycle on Malaysian roads must have a driver license.  You suppose to have a Malaysian driver’s license if you are resident of Malaysia. Driving is one of the complex and difficult tasks for drivers. However, before you go ahead and directly apply for driver’s license, you should have an idea of how to apply for a Malaysia driving license. In addition, knowledge of documents is required for Malaysian driver’s license and driver’s application form.

How to get driver’s license of Malaysia

Reasons for having driver’s license in Malaysia, you are of 17 years and interested to drive independently than you need to have a driving license. International certification for driving is necessary and used by the citizens of Malaysia.  This type of certifications legally consists of without any objection and you are not going to face any kind of problems if are ready to provide it to Malaysian police as well. However, everyone should keep in mind that most of the insurance companies refused from providing services to those who do not have Malaysian’s driving license and these take place in case any accident takes place in Malaysia.

Steps to get driver’s license in Malaysian for those who have a driving license in their country

Firstly, need to translate a driving license that has already taken in your country into English before traveling to Malaysia.

When you are going to travel to Malaysia, you should carry original certificates and its translated version and visit your country’s embassy in Malaysia after arriving in Malaysia and verify the translated version in the embassy.

  • We need to carry some of the documents and then apply for a driving license in Malaysia
  • Original and a copy of the first page of the passport is carried
  • You have to carry the student’s visa or work visa without that you cannot visit the office.
  • Two color photographs with the blue background.
  • Amount of 30 ringgit is taken
  • Original and the translated version of your certificates are accepted by a country embays.
  • Once your records are checked then your documents and your driver’s license will be issued in Malaysia.

Different types of Driver’s license in Malaysia

There are five different types of driving license in Malaysia those are

Learner’s Driving License (LDL) or ‘L’ Plate drivers

This is the very first license and you will receive this only once when you are registered with the driving license. Candidates who hold LDL cards are only allowed to drive a car which has the ‘L’ plate those are displayed and the follow by the driving instructor.

LDL can be issued and renewed for a period of 3 to 6 months, and it will be continued till 2 years from the date the license is issued. However, once the license is expired, LDL holders will restart the entire driving lesson process and this is to obtain a renewed LDL.

Probationary Driving Licence (PDL) also known as the ‘P’ plate drivers

If once you have passed all the driving lessons and examinations that you are certified and qualified by a driver by Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan or Road Transport Department of Malaysia.

Competent Driving Licence (CDL)

This can be earned after 2 years Probationary Driving Licence period is over. As CDL driver, you will be subjected to the 15 points. CDL license is valid for a year and expires on your birthday of that year. Therefore, can be renewed to the maximum of 5 years for each renewal.

Vocational Driving Licence (VDL)/Commercial Driving Licence

This will mainly focus on securing a driving license for a car; you have a chance to obtain the special driving license for commercial purposes that includes buses and trucks.

International Driving Permit (IDP)

This license allows Malaysian drivers to drive outside of their country. Therefore, these are useful when heading aboard and plan on renting a car. Only CDL holders who are of 18 years and above are eligible to apply for an IDP. PDL holders are not eligible.

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