?> How to get driving license in Montana? | Renew Montana driver's license fees | Change name and address in Montana driver license

How to get driving license in Montana? | Renew Montana driver’s license fees | Change name and address in Montana driver license

Individuals who wish to obtain a Driver’s License in Montana can do so easily; but they have to fulfill eligibility criteria related to steps to get new Montana’s driver’s license. You can now continue reading to have clarity of ideas as to what will be the documents required for issuance of Montana driving license or if parental consent is necessary or not.

Are there any types of Montana driver’s licenses?

Of course there are a couple of driver’s license types in Montana that the authorities have categorized for the benefit of the people. You can continue reading to know more about it here.

Types of driver’s license in Montana

Class D basic driver’s license –

  • This class D driver’s license also goes by the name ‘non – commercial driver’s license’
  • It is valid for 8 years
  • You can apply for class D basic driver’s license only when the vehicles weigh less than 26, 000 lbs

Commercial driver’s license of Montana –

The second type of driver’s license that authorities in Montana provide is CDL or the commercial driver’s license. CDL as you can see is different from that of the non – commercial Montana’s driver’s license.

Motorcycle learner’s license –

  • Learner’s license of Montana is another form of driver’s license
  • Validity of this license is for 1 year
  • There is however one more rule attached to motorcycle learner’s license and it is that licensed driver who is owner of a motorcycle endorsement has to supervise you and there would be no escaping to this

Motorcycle endorsement

It is important for every individual to be aware of motorcycle endorsements. It is so because this endorsement is necessary to operate motorcycles, three wheel motorcycles and motor scooters among others. To make sure that you complete the motorcycle endorsement process you must be ready to undergo both written and driving tests.

As for the fees, you have to pay $ 4. 12 or even less when renewing your driving license or applying for new Montana driver license. However when it comes to applying for Montana replacement license then you would be required to pay $ 10. 30.

In case you are opting for pre – paid receipt then you remember that this shall have a nominal fee attached. Though it will be applicable when you are about to pay this amount at the office of county treasurer.

Points to remember:

  • Whenever your Montana driver license is about to expire it is then only that motorcycle endorsement shall also expire
  • Therefore it is better that you follow some precautions so that you do not face any issues later on.

What is a learner license in Montana?

Learner license is given to individual so that they can drive a vehicle but only when they are accompanied by a person who already has driving license of Montana. Validity of Montana’s learner license is up to 1 year (calculated from the date of issuance). Apart from this, you would be using it for 6 consecutive months only when you are under the age of 18.


Commercial driver license applicant must use this learner license for a minimum of 14 days because it is only after this duration that you would be able to get actual driving license. On the other hand, if you are in possession of a learner license from another state in USA then you can go ahead and drive in Montana.

You can however, drive only for 60 days and only when you are accompanied with a licensed driver. Hence it is necessary for all, that they understand the nitty – gritties before proceeding to apply for a license.

Things to remember

When applying for driver’s license in Montana, you must keep in mind some of the most important things. To assist you further in this aspect, we have given a step – by – step process below in this article; you can go ahead and read so that you do not face any issues related to the application process –

  • Applicants who are under the age of 18 must provide parental consent
  • They also should complete the formalities of ‘graduated driver licensing process’ only when they are under 18
  • Authorities clearly specified that all applicants must pass not only written but also vision and road tests
  • These tests shall enable them to qualify for the next rounds
  • As for the documents for Montana driver’s license, you submit following documents – (1) identity proof (2) proof of residency in Montana (3) drive test documentation and the (4) proof of authorized presence

Points to remember for new residents

Montana Department of Justice permits individuals from other states having out of state licenses to obtain Montana driver license. However, these said individuals have to provide different set of documents. Below you can find this list of documents –

Rules for military personnel driver’s license in Montana, USA

  • If military personnel is in Montana on duty and has valid license issued by a state in USA, then they do not have to get Montana’s driver’s license
  • When spouse of armed forces member gets a job in Montana then they must get driver license within 90 days of getting the job

Required documents for new residents who wish to get Montana driver license

  • If you wish to get non – commercial driver license then you must apply for it within 60 days of moving to Montana
  • While for commercial license, you should apply within 30 days of moving to Montana
  • Documents that you provide to authorities include identity proof, proof of authorized presence and proof of the Montana residency
  • In addition, there might be a possibility that you would be asked to pass written, road or vision test
  • These tests may however, be skipped if the authorities feel that you have a valid driver’s license from other states of United States of America

List of documents required for Montana driver’s license

Authorized presence proof

Proof of authorized presence is necessary for new applicants for Montana driver license and transfers for either standard or CDL. In case you are applying for credential post cancellation or revocation of driver’s license (CDL or standard) then also you must have proof of authorized presence.

Finally if applicants are applying for driver’s license of Montana when their ID card or driver license is expired besides being above the grace period (that is 3 months from the date of expiry) then again same proof is applicable.

Accepted documents under proof of presence

  • Original or certified copy of birth certificate that US jurisdiction issues
  • Department of State issued valid or unexpired passport card or passport

Identity proof documents list

List of primary documents

  • Canadian or US jurisdiction issued colour photo driver’s license or ID card that has not been expired for 4 years or more than that
  • US Department of State issued valid (read unexpired) passport
  • Birth certificate given by the Canadian jurisdiction or the US jurisdiction and it must be certified

List of secondary identity documents

  • Driver license or an identification card of either Canada or the USA (expired more than a year but less than 5 years)
  • Original US social security card or the Canadian social insurance card
  • You may also submit certified copy of marriage certificate or a license that government jurisdiction issues


In order to apply for a driver’s license, you must provide any 2 primary documents or you can submit 1 primary as well as 1 secondary document. Another important aspect that you must remember is that these documents should have your full legal name apart from the age of the applicant.

Documents related to residency proof of Montana

  • Life or automobile insurance policy / statement
  • Original copy of rental agreement or the rent payment receipt consisting of your name and complete residential address. Landlord or rental agent must sign this receipt as it is only then that it stands valid
  • Certified copy of school records that school issues where applicant attended school (that is within 4 months of driver’s license application)

Documents necessary for drive test for Montana driver’s license

  • Current registration for vehicle that you use in drive test
  • Present insurance proof for vehicle to be used in drive test
  • Proof of insurance for motor cycles is not required
  • Valid learner’s license or driver license

In case you wish to clarify your doubts related to documents required for getting a driving license in Montana then you can click on link given here because it will take you to official Montana Department of Justice and the website link is – https://dojmt.gov/driving/required-docs/.

Required fee for Montana’s driving license

Authorities made a list regarding fees for Montana’s driver’s license. They considered factors such as age and length of driver license before finalizing the fee details. To help you further in this regard, we listed out complete fee details so that you do not face any issue when applying for Montana driver’s license.

Cost of driver’s license of Montana

Age of the customer (in years) Fee for Montana’s Driver’s License Total Fee along with Motorcycle Endorsement Duration of the Driver License (in years)
14 $ 35. 50 N / A 7
15 $ 30. 50 $ 33. 50 6
16 $ 25. 50 $ 28. 00 5
17 $ 20. 50 $ 22. 50 4
18 $ 15. 50 $ 17. 00 3
19 $ 10. 50 $ 11. 50 2
20 $ 5. 50 $ 6. 00 1
21 to 67 $ 40. 50 $ 44. 50 8
68 $ 35. 50 $ 39. 00 7
69 $ 30. 50 $ 33. 50 6
70 $ 25. 50 $ 28. 00 5
71 $ 20. 50 $ 22. 50 4
72 $ 15. 50 $ 17. 00 3
73 $ 10. 50 $ 11. 50 2
74 $ 5. 50 $ 6. 00 1
75 or more than that $ 20. 50 $ 22. 50 4

For more information on fees you can click on following link as it takes you directly to the official website – https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-licensing/#DLID11.

How to apply for Montana driver’s license?

In order to apply for a driver’s license in Montana, you must follow below given procedure –

  • First you go to local Montana MVD office
  • At this office you submit your driver license of another state (this is only in those cases when you have one such license)
  • Once this step completes you submit identity and residence proof
  • You must also provide legal U S presence documents to the audience
  • Written permit test as well as driving tests are next in line (there are also those times when examiner waives off tests like permit and driving; however this incident takes place only when you are in possession of driver license of other U S states
  • Another most important point to be remembered is that you should pass vision test
  • Vision test is mandatory for all candidates
  • While some other necessary steps include photograph and payment of driver license fee


As we already mentioned, you must visit the MVD or the Motor Vehicle Division in order to start process of driving license application; so if you do not know as to where are the offices then you follow the below link to reach official Montana Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division -https://dojmt.gov/driving/locations/ – this link helps you with the locations where you apply for driver’s license of Montana.

Schedule driver’s license appointment

In order to schedule an appointment, you can directly go to the official website of Montana Department of Justice Appointment Scheduling page.

At the official website that is – https://dojmt.gov/driving/appointments/ you would find ‘appointment scheduling – start’ tab. When you click on start, you would automatically be instructed to move further with process of scheduling the appointment. Thus in such a simple way, an individual can very easily go ahead and schedule the appointment.

Steps to schedule appointment when applying for Montana’s driver’s license

  • After you visit official site that is on – https://dojmt.gov/driving/appointments/, you can find start tab on appointment scheduling page
  • As soon as you click on this tab, a pop up box appears where you find two options – first one is to ‘continue’ while second one is to ‘cancel’
  • In case you select to continue then you can go to another page where you fill user name and password details to login


When you do not have user login details then you must add yourself as a new user under the ‘create user’ category.

Montana driver license forms | Montana driver’s license renewal forms

In Montana, applicants of driver license must submit the forms in offline method till the time they have specifically indicated online. This rule applies to almost all the Motor Vehicle forms, Montana. Therefore, you better be ready to fill the printed form and either mail or deliver it to the address mentioned on that particular form.

Another of the important factors that has to be borne in mind is that you sign the form at places indicated before going ahead and submitting the form. In order to help you further in this case, we have given you the official website link of Department of Justice, Motor Vehicle Division Montana. By clicking on this link – https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-licensing-forms/, you can look for the driver license forms that come under the category of driver services.

Apart from the driver license forms, you would find driver license manuals. These manuals actually prepare you for the driver’s license tests and exams thereby making your work easier by the end of the day.

Montana driver’s license renewal process

In case your driver’s license has been expired then you can go ahead and get it renewed. Before you directly go to renew your driving license, you can check status of the license at – https://app.mt.gov/DriverLicense/.

Points to remember

  • You can check any of Montana’s driver license
  • Authorities allow you to check license status, MEC or commercial medical examiner certificate status, commercial and permit status
  • In order to check all of these things, you should have your driver license number along with date and birth and your complete name
  • Finally 4 digits of SSN is also important
  • So when you have all of these details, you can click on – https://app.mt.gov/DriverLicense/ and then click on ‘check status’ tab
  • Thereafter, you go to second page called ‘license status’
  • As soon as you enter the details you get to know whether you are eligible to renew your Montana’s driver’s license or not

How to change address on Montana driver license or Montana ID card?

If there is address change then you would have to report the same to MVD Driver Services Bureau within 10 days of residence change.

In order to update address on file with MVD, you would have to complete the Application Form – 34 – 0300. This is an electronic record wherein you do not have to pay anything to the authorities. And all you should do is go to the following link and get the Montana driver’s license address change form by clicking on – https://dojmt.gov/wp-content/uploads/34-0300.pdf

On the other hand, if you wish to place new address on photo driver license then you must follow some other steps. Below given are steps in detail which shall help you to modify address on driver’s license.

Steps to have new address on photo driver license

  • First you go to Montana driver license station
  • Here you can opt for replacement driver license while paying $ 10. 30 towards driver license replacement fee
  • Besides pre – paid receipts may vary in fee when you pay it at the office of county treasurer
  • In case you are not aware of the locations as well as driver license stations then you can have a look at the Driver License Station list by clicking on following link – https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-exam-stations/
  • Appointment scheduling page gives you a head start to the whole process as well!
  • To go there you click on – https://dojmt.gov/driving/appointments/

How to change name on Montana driver license / ID card

When it comes to name change on a driver license of Montana then you would have to go to the driver license exam station only (check MVD driver license stations here – https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-exam-stations/).

As an applicant you would have to give full legal name to the authorities on Montana driver license renewal application. Another important aspect to be borne in mind is that name on renewal application of driver’s license has to be same with that of primary document.

When names differ in application form and primary documents then you, as an applicant, should ensure that you submit necessary change of name documents.

Following certified copies are also necessary along with application form

  • Marriage certificate from issuing government jurisdiction
  • Divorce decree / dissolution of marriage that indicates name change
  • Judgment or a decree which court of competent jurisdiction issues stating name change
  • Declaration of marriage filed with district court clerk (it should be only where declaration has been made)
  • U S Department of Homeland Security, Citizenship and Immigration Services or USCIS / certificate of naturalization that has been issued to the applicant (Form N 550, N 570)


You would be required to pay required fees besides providing name change document.

For more details on name change on Montana driver license and change of address in driver license of Montana state, you can click on following link to go to the official website – https://dojmt.gov/driving/driver-licensing/#DLID20.

Thus by following above stated steps you can not only apply for Montana driver license but also easily renew driver license in Montana. In addition information on Montana driver license fees, application form of Montana driver license; required documents to get driver license is going to be of help.

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