How to renew a driving license in Malaysia| Cost and Fees for Driver’s license in Malaysia


How to renew a driving license in Malaysia

Firstly driving license is given to you in Malaysia and is valid for a 1 year and is available only in the branch of JPJ branch of the city Shah Alam. Therefore, you can refer to all the branches of office JPJ in Malaysia to extend this certification.

People need to visit the nearest JPJ office from your home 10 days before ending the validity of driving license in Malaysia and has to submit the further documents. Therefore, you will receive the license to be renewed on the same day and deliver it to you.

Some of the documents are required are listed below those are:

  • Original passport
  • A color photograph with blue background
  • The Malay licenses
  • Amount of 30 ringgit cash

Every year 30 ringgit is used and the certification is given for a year at the first time, and is added up to 5 years and pay the amount of 30 ringgit that can be applied for the extension for each year. For example, if you are applying the extension of your license for 3 years than you should pay the amount of 90 ringgit.

Replace a lost driving license in Malaysia

  1. If you lost your card and need to replace it than consult
  2. You need to consult your country’s embassy, and this is happening to those who are not a resident of German.
  3. If you are of German Residence than they can contact to local driving license authority. Therefore, you should apply for a replacement license without any delay.

Cost and Fees for Driver’s license in Malaysia

Candidates need to follow many steps that are involved in Malaysian driving license. The total cost depends on the type of driving license it may be manual or automatic, those are the services that are provided by a driving school. Less cost driving schools may have a chance to use older car models while driving schools are going to use new car models with high charges.

Some of the details given for paying

  • Registration fee is paid for the driving school
  • You need to take 5 hours of course for the theory exam
  • Practical can be done on roads and lesson is take up to 22 hours
  • Candidates need to write theory or computer examination
  • Booking fee for examinations
  • Processing fees
  • Fee should be paid for the L and P licenses

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