North Carolina Drivers License for Teen | Renew & Address Change Procedure| DMV locations and office hours

Driving is fun experience for everyone. If you want to enjoy this exciting privilege you will need to get your driver’s license. In order to get your driver’s license. You first need to know which type of driver’s license you need in North Carolina. It is mandatory for every driver in state of North Carolina to obtain and carry with proper driver’s license for their particular needs and vehicle type. In addition, information provided can assist all drivers with becoming safe and defensive drivers

How to get driving license in states of North Carolina?

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (NC DMV) is responsible for issuing driver’s learner’s permits, driver’s licenses, vehicle title and registration, promoting highway safety and record keeping. It is important to note that even if you have a license from another state, everyone moving to North Carolina must take written test to get their license

What is age requirement to get North Carolina Drivers Licenses?

You must be at least 18 years of age to apply for North Carolina Driver’s license. Also you must be at least 15 year old to get North Carolina limited learner permit or Provisional license.

  • Regular Class C — 16 years of age
  • Regular Class A or B — 18 years of age
  • CDL, Class A, B, or C — 21 years of age (except for school bus drivers who need only be 18)

Types of Driver’s Licenses in North Carolina

There are many different types of driver’s licenses that you can obtain in state of North Carolina. And type of license that you will need will depend on what you will be using it for. Drivers under age of 18 that have never had driver’s license will need to begin with graduated license and follow necessary steps. You can find complete list of Driver’s License types online to choose which best suits your needs.

North Carolina has regular driver license system and commercial driver license (CDL). Type of vehicle you will operate determines class of driver license you must have and type vehicle in which you must take driving skills test. Driving skills test must be performed in vehicle agent of class license desired

North Carolina Drivers License Cost

Fees for Class C drivers license is $4.00 per year and licenses are issued for 5 or 8 years, depending on age. If you are 18 to 65 years old, license issued for 8 years.  You are 66 years or older, than license issued for 5 years. North Carolina DMV accepts cash and money order to get North Carolina driver license.

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle does not accept Credit Cards.  However, if you need of duplicate license because yours is damaged, lost, or stolen you will pay an additional $10 fee to obtain new license.

Who is eligible for North Carolina learner’s permit?

  • Minimum of 15 years of age
  • Someone who has never been licensed driver
  • New resident of North Carolina who previously held license from different state, but that license has be expired for more than six months
  • New driver must be over age of 18 years of age

North Carolina Graduated Driver’s license for Teens

Law provides for three levels of licensing of person under age 18. Each level has its own restrictions on operation.

  • Level 1 – Limited Learner Permit involves parents, guardians and/or other responsible drivers in training of young drivers.
  • Level 2 – Limited Provisional License protects young drivers during night time hours when they are most at risk.
  • Level 3 – Full Provisional License rewards violation-free driving

Getting North Carolina Driver Learner’s Permit

You must be 15 or older to get your NC learners permit. There are three levels of graduated licensing in North Carolina. Learner’s permit is required for all new drivers’ license in state of North Carolina. There is no length of time required for those drivers over age of 18 to drive on permit before taking driver’s test, but anyone under age of 18 must follow restrictions during process.

What are restrictions apply to persons with learner’s permits?

  • Must be 15 or older, complete driver’s education and obtain limited learner permit.
  • For at least 12 months, you must be supervised by parent, guardian or other approved licensed driver who has been licensed at least five years.
  • Supervising Driver shall be parent, grandparent, or guardian of permit holder or license holder or responsible adult approved by parent or guardian.
  • All people in vehicle driven by you must wear seat belt, and only supervisor can ride in front seat.
  • For first six months, you may only drive from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. with his or her supervising driver.
  • After six months, you must drive at any time with his or her supervisor.
  • Using mobile is prohibited while driving. This applies only when vehicle is in motion while driving on street, highway, or public vehicular area.
  • Learner’s Permit is valid for a period of 18 months.
  • Pass written, vision test, traffic signs, and driving knowledge.
  • Successfully complete 30 hours classroom instruction and 6 hours behind-the-wheel instruction

Note: Before graduating to provisional license, you must keep learner permit for at least 12 months and have no convictions of motor vehicle moving violations or seat belt/mobile telephone infraction in preceding 6 months.

Requirements for getting learner’s permit

For applicants under age of 18 years that are getting their license for first time, there are several documents required Visit North Carolina DMV website  for examples of documents that you may bring. You will need 1 document as proof you must bring to North Carolina DMV office when you apply. These include

  • Two proofs of identification
  • Proof of citizenship in form of social security card and certificate proofs
  • You must also provide proof of Supervising driver in form of parent or guardian or licensed driver approved by parent or guardian in advance
  • In addition bring with you required fee of 15 dollars

Getting North Carolina Driver Provisional License

You must be at least 16 years old but less than 18 may obtain limited provisional license if you held limited learner’s permit for at least 12 months, has not been convicted of motor vehicle moving violation or seatbelt infraction during preceding six months, and has passed road test administered by DMV.

While driving with Limited Learner Permit, you must maintain driving log. To apply for next Limited Provisional License, log must show least 60 hours of driving time. At least 10 hours must be at night, and no more than 10 hours per week will count toward 60-hour requirement.

What restrictions apply to you when holding limited provisional license?

What are Restrictions on North Carolina Limited Learner Permit?

  • You must be at least 16 years old, but less than 18.
  • All passengers must be wear seat belt or child safety seat.
  • Supervising driver must be seated beside you.
  • You may drive without supervision from 5 a.m. until 9 p.m. and at any time when driving directly to or from work or any volunteer fire, rescue or EMS (emergency medical service), if you are member.
  • Number of passengers allowed in motor vehicle under age of 21 is restricted
  • If all passengers under age of 21 are members of immediate family or members of same household as driver there is no under 21 limits.
  • If supervising driver is in car, this restriction does not apply.
  • You are not allowed to use mobile phone

Requirements for getting Provisional License

  • Passing road test
  • Showing proof of identity
  • Submitting required driving log
  • Having no convictions of moving violations within six months

Getting North Carolina Driver Full License

You must be at least 16 but less than 18 may obtain full provisional license if you held limited provisional license for at least six months and has not been convicted of motor vehicle moving violation or seatbelt infraction during preceding six months.

  • Unsupervised driving is allowed at any time.
  • Restrictions on learner permit and provisional license concerning time of driving, supervision and passenger limitations do not apply to full provisional license.
  • Using of mobile is prohibited.

Just Moved to North Carolina? How do you get your North Carolina License?

In North Carolina, new residents must first obtain North Carolina license before registering their vehicle. New residents have up to 60 days after establishing residency to obtain North Carolina license or learner permitted.  If you hold commercial drier license from another jurisdiction and you wish to maintain commercial license, you must apply for North Carolina commercial license within 30 days after becoming resident.

In North Carolina, if you are new residents and applying for Class C general driver’s license must take knowledge test, vision test and traffic signs recognition test. Driving skills test is generally waived, however if an examiner says it is necessary it will be required.

If you are moving to North Carolina from another state, you will be allowed to register your vehicle without an initial inspection. When your next annual registration renewal is due, you must have vehicle inspected up to 90 days prior to plate expiration date. To get your North Carolina license and vehicle registered, you must visit your local North Carolina DMV.

How to transfer Out-of-State or Out-of-Country Drivers license to North Carolina license?

Residents from other states or countries may operate vehicles in North Carolina using their driver’s licenses. The same restrictions or limitations as imposed by their home states or countries apply in North Carolina.

  • Learners permit from another state is valid in North Carolina, but only if driver is age sixteen or older.
  • International Drivers License is NOT recognized in North Carolina and cannot be used as driver’s license.
  • Person who moves to North Carolina and establishes residency has sixty (60) days to obtain North Carolina drivers license.

Renewing your North Carolina Driver’s License

Anyone who is currently licensed in state of North Carolina wishing to continue driving needs to renew their driver’s license on or before its expiration date.

How to renew North Carolina Driver’s License?

There are steps to renewing your license. You must be sure to bring all required documents to DMV day of your renewal to avoid any delays. DMV will mail you reminder card about 60 days before expiration of your license listing number of years it will be valid. Your license may be renewed anytime within 180 days prior to expiration.

  • Must have permanent North Carolina verifiable residence address.
  • Must have North Carolina Class C driver license that has not expired more than two years
  • Must have photo on file with DMV that was issued within last five years
  • NCDMV must have record of your Social Security number or document issued by United States government indicating legal presence
  • Vision statement is required and will be provided
  • You must not be older than 72 on date of request to renew by mail
  • You may renew by mail every other renewal cycle.

What is cost to renew North Carolina driver’s license?

Fee for renewal in state of North Carolina is based on number of years until your license expires. For example, drivers over age of 18 are required to renew every 8 years, so fee will be 4$ per year for 8 years or 32 dollars.

Steps to Renew Your License

There are several mandatory steps you must take in North Carolina if you wish to successfully renew your driver’s license:

  • Prepare for renewal then gather all of required documents
  • With required documents and your renewal letter, mailed to you shortly before expiration head to your local department of motor vehicles branch to begin renew process. Take short vision test in branch. Then provide your proofs to examiner and will give you written signs test to take.
  • Take written signs test and eliminate all distractions to assure you pass on first try.
  • After passing test, you will take new photo and pay fees for your type of license. Then you will be administered temporary license and your new photo driver’s license will arrive in mail within few weeks.

How to apply Duplicate driver license in North Carolina?

If your license is not expired, suspended or cancelled, you need to visit nearest driver license office and provide your driver license to apply for duplicate. To replace lost or stolen license, you may show examiner two documents of identification approved by DMV. This type of transaction may also be completed online.

Instructions for replacing lost, stolen in North Carolina driver license.

If you lost North Carolina driver’s license, you can apply for replacement or duplicate license at your local North Caroline DMV office. Also you can apply for duplicate online at DMV website. You need to provide your driver license or date of birth, name and social security number. There is $10 fee for replacing lost, stolen driver license.

There are two ways you can replace lost or stolen driver license such as in person or online. For online replace go to North Caroline official website. If you wish to replace your license in person, your license must provide following details.

  • Your driver license must be valid and not yet expired
  • There are no outstanding DMV fees or fines attached to your name

How to do address change on your driver license in North Carolina?

If your address changes from the address on your driver license, you must notify the division of the change within 60 days and obtain a duplicate license. If you do not move, but your address changes due to a governmental action, you are not in violation of this law.

Procedure for changing your address on your driver license is same as applying for duplicate license when is lost or stolen.  You can send document to below address. You can also check your driving status by online website

NC Division of Motor Vehicles

Vehicle Registration

3148 Mail Service Center

Raleigh, NC 27699-3148.

Change of name /address forms are available at any local DMV vehicle registration office or on DMV website at

North Carolina Military

Resident of North Carolina who has is duty Military residing outside state may also request for a driver license renewal by mail. The following requirements must be met

  • Must have permanent North Carolina residence address or if you do not have permanent North Carolina residence address you may provide address of North Carolina host family
  • Must provide military orders and copy of military identification card, both front and back
  • Driver license renewal may be made for more than one year prior to expiration date when go by military papers showing active duty status
  • Must have North Carolina Class C driver license that has not expired by more than two years
  • Must have photo on file with DMV that was issued within last eight years
  • NCDMV must have record of your Social Security number
  • Vision statement is required and will be provided.

North Carolina office Hours

Most offices offer services from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. North Carolina offices are open Monday through Friday and some branches are open Saturday mornings. You can take appointments for driver license examinations can be made by contacting your local driver license office.

If you need driver’s license, you will go to Driver license office. Use online search to find an office near you. You will be able to see services office provides. For an up to date list of office hours and locations, please visit .  You can make a call for below number.

North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles – 919-715-7000

Who needs North Carolina Driver License?

Anyone wishing to run vehicle in great state of North Carolina needs to first obtain driver’s license. There are several levels of licenses offered in state including Standard License which is available in class A, B and C, Commercial Driver’s License or CDL.

However, Graduated License is for new drivers and Motorcycle License for those who run any vehicle on road. You will need to submit an application to DMV . You will also have to provide proof of your birth date and identity. DMV requires two forms of identification to prove this, and one must have your birth date on it.

How to see your Driver Records in North Carolina?

You may obtain copy of your driving record by visiting DMV headquarters or by visiting  and selecting “Online Services.”  Driver Privacy Protection Act Request Form (DL-DPPA-I), available at DMV Headquarters and on   DMV website, must be completed before your driving record can be obtained. This form can be obtained at

North Carolina Driver Manual

Before taking test Study North Carolina Driver’s Handbook. You must be able to correctly answer questions about NC traffic laws and safe driving practices. You can read North Carolina driver license Manual before you take test. . It will help you to follow driving rules.

How to make an appointment for North Carolina knowledge  test?

North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicle Branch does not require an appointment and are on a walk-in basis for all written tests. You will however need to schedule an appointment to take your final road test through an independent source. Contact your driver license office. Find your nearest office at

If you live in North Carolina there are number of laws NC DMV considers part of their “Road Rules” series. Some of them you might know, and some you may have never even heard of. Regardless, when taking your written driver’s test any one of these laws might just turn up here, but you can find complete list by visiting NC DOT’s website at

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