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Few things are important to us as our driver’s license. Driving may be great privilege, but did you know it is also an important responsibility. However, it’s necessary to become responsible driver. Pennsylvania -License will provide information you need to know about obtaining Pennsylvania learner’s permit & driver’s license. Before you get your Pennsylvania driver’s license you need information here to ensure you have everything needed.

How to get Pennsylvania Driver’s License?

Anyone who operates motor vehicle in Pennsylvania must have driver’s license. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) oversees all licensing of motor vehicles. You must have driver license issued by Penn Dot to drive on any public road, street or highway for class of vehicle driven.

You also need to know that after passing your driving test you will get temporary license, you will receive your 15-day temporary Pennsylvania driver’s license at that time.  You will receive your permanent Pennsylvania driver’s license in the mail within 15 days.

What class of Pennsylvania driver’s license do you need?

There are different types of vehicles that you can drive in Pennsylvania and they may also require different skills. As a result, they may have different age requirements. Pennsylvania offers different licenses that allow you to drive specific types of vehicles.

Most drivers will be issued a Class C driver’s license, which is what you will get once you successfully complete your road test. Below is summary of different classes of licenses, vehicles license allows you to drive, and minimum age required to apply.

  • Class A (minimum age 18) – Combination vehicles with gross combination weight rating over 26,000 pounds, where vehicle being is over 10,000 pounds.
  • Class B (minimum age 18) – Single vehicle with gross vehicle weight rating over 26,000 pounds.
  • Class C (minimum age 16) – issued to drivers who operate a motor vehicle that does not belong to Class A or B.
  • Class M (minimum age 16) – issued to drivers who operate a motorcycle.

Age Requirements for Pennsylvania Drivers License

Stages of PA GDL process have minimum age requirements, which can differ based on additional factors

  • Junior learner’s permit- 16 years old.
  • Junior driver’s license or provisional license – After holding your learner’s permit for at least 6 months.
  • Senior driver’s license or regular license – 17 1/2 years old with completion of an approved Driver’s Ed course, held junior driver’s license for 1 year and has no accidents or convictions.
  • 18 years old without Driver’s Ed.

Pennsylvania Driver’s License Fees

Every person applying for Pennsylvania driver’s license or permit is required to pay all associated fees. This includes renewals and duplicates. Fee to obtain Pennsylvania driver’s license varies according to type of vehicles you desire to drive.

You can see detailed information on various types of licenses and fee schedule is provided in Pennsylvania driver manual or on Pennsylvania Division of Motor Vehicles website. Below are some of fees you may be expected to pay. For full list of fees, check PennDOT website.

Pay driver’s license fee by check or money order (payable to “PennDOT”) for

  • $30.50 for 4 years
  • $20 for 2 years this is an option if you are 65 years old or older.

Pennsylvania Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL) Laws

Learning about safe driving and taking time to get driving experience can help low risk behind the wheel. It is important that you and your teen learn about Pennsylvania Graduated Driving licensing (GDL) laws in your state. Pennsylvania Graduated driver licensing laws are designed to help you to gain experience and skills in lower risk conditions before earning full driving privileges. Visit Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for more information.

Pennsylvania GDL process has three stages

  • Junior learner’s permit.
  • Junior driver’s license/provisional license.
  • Senior driver’s license.

Getting your first Pennsylvania driver’s license can be exciting. State of Pennsylvania requires you to complete three-step process before becoming full driver licensed. You need to be minimum of 15 years of age and must complete State-approved Pennsylvania driver’s ed course. Here to make things simpler for you with step-by-step guide to find the way licensing process. Just follow these directions to go from driver education course all way to your license.

Basics of Getting Pennsylvania Driver’s license

You must obtain learner permit before you operate motor vehicle in Pennsylvania. To get Pennsylvania driver license you need to take and pass vision, knowledge and road test. To take test you must visit your local Pennsylvania Department of Transport office.

Your learner permit will be valid for one year. Please follow steps listed below to get your non-commercial learner permit. You cannot apply for your permit before your 16th birthday. Make sure you bring follow things with you.

  • You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for Pennsylvania learner’s permit.
  • Complete Pennsylvania learner permit application (DK-180) you can find this form in front of current Pennsylvania Driver’s Manual.
  • Your medical provider must complete back of application.
  • You need to have your doctor sign on Form DL-180 stating that you are healthy enough to drive
  • Your Parent or guardian must complete Consent form
  • Two proofs of residency
  • Your social security card
  • Your check or money order made payable to Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for correct amount. Cash, debit or credit cards cannot be accepted.

Please note- Forms of identification that may be used to prove your date of birth are listed on back of non-commercial learner’s permit application along with fees . However, all birth certificates must be state issued and no copies accepted.

  • You need to pass vision, knowledge and road test
  • You do not mail this form and these documents must be originals (photocopies will not be accepted).
  • Please see Pennsylvania driver’s manual for complete instructions and required documents
  • Pennsylvania Learner’s permit driving restrictions
  • You may drive with Temporary Learner’s permit in Pennsylvania. When you have your learner permit, you must follow these restrictions
  • You must be accompanied by license driver 21 years of age or older
  • This license driver must ride in front passenger seat of vehicle
  • Once you have this learner’s permit, you can schedule driving skills test when you are ready
  • You cannot drive between hours of 11 pm to 5 am, unless travelling to work or for charitable services is allowed during this time with proper documents
  • You cannot have more passengers
  • In addition, drivers under age of 18 years cannot have more passengers in vehicle than number of seat belts.

Pennsylvania Probationary Driver’s license

Probationary License (PL) is limited driver’s license issued only once if you’re driving privilege has been suspended or revoked for five or more years. This license authorizes you to drive non-commercial vehicle only between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m., with additional hours possible if PennDOT approves your request.

Once you have your Pennsylvania learner permit for at least six-months, you can apply for learner’s license. Before you take your road test, you make sure you have signed certificate of completion for 65 hours of behind-the-wheel practice while supervised by licensed adult. Of those hours, 10 must be at night and 5 must be during bad weather.

Unless you have already done, so schedule an appointment at your local Pennsylvania Department of Transportation office online at or over phone at 800-423-5542. You need to bring below documents with you

  • Your learner permit
  • DL-180C form, which confirms that you had at least 50 hours of behind-the-wheel practice
  • Completed Parent or Guardian certification form
  • Registration and proof of insurance for car you will be driving to take your driving exam
  • Driver’s license of your supervising driver
  • Take driving test it is mandatory 6 months from your permit issue date

Please Note – If you fail road test, you must wait seven days before you may try again. You will get three chances to pass test before you have to apply for permit extension with Form DL-31.

Remember Rules for Driving with Pennsylvania Provisional Driver’s license

Now you have license, there are still some restrictions to keep in mind

  • You can drive alone is only permitted from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.
  • Number of passengers cannot exceed number of seatbelts and all passengers must be wear seatbelt
  • Unless your parent or guardian is in vehicle, you cannot drive more than one passenger under age of 18 years old who is not an immediate family member
  • If you have clean record, then, after first six-months, you may drive with up to three passengers under age of 18 years old in card with you

There are exceptions to these rules. If you are driving because of school, work, charity and are in possession of certificate of authorization, rules may be different. You should contact Penn DOT by calling (800) 932-4600 for more information.

Pennsylvania Regular or Unrestricted Driver’s License

Finally, you ready to drive on road with all freedom. Before you can get your senior driver’s license at 17 ½ years old, you need to complete driver education course. This course is state approved and will satisfy this requirement. When you turn 18 years of age, your original Pennsylvania provisional driver license will automatically become regular license. However, if you want to apply for regular driver license before your 18th birthday, you must have

  • Complete Application form DL-59 from Junior Driver license to regular driver license
  • Passed state-approved drivers education course
  • Held your Pennsylvania provisional driver’s license for at least year
  • No driving violations within past year
  • No points on your driving record
  • Have approval of your Parent or guardian

If you have completed your course and meet all above requirements, then you are ready to become full licensed driver in state of Pennsylvania. See more about Identification and Residency Requirements for U.S. Citizens.

What do you need to do as New Residents driver in State of Pennsylvania?

If you are new to state and you plan to drive, you have 60 days from time you establish permanent residence to obtain Pennsylvania driver’s license. You will require applying for Pennsylvania learners permit and take vision, knowledge and road test.

New residents of Pennsylvania who hold valid driver’s license may transfer their valid driver’s license to Pennsylvania driver license. There are quite few things that you should know. In order to apply you must bring below documents. You can also read Pennsylvania Driver manual

If you are 16 or 17 years old

New resident of Pennsylvania you will need to show

  • Submit your request in person at any DOT center
  • Show proof of residency
  • Your Social Security Card
  • Surrender your out-of-state license if still valid or expired within previous six months.
  • Pay required fee.

If you are 18 years of age or older

You are new resident of Pennsylvania, you need to show

  • One form of identification
  • Two forms of proof of residency
  • Your social security card
  • Your out-of-state driver’s license

Click here for list of requirements , .  More information for new residents can be found on the Pennsylvania State Driver and Vehicle Services website.

Pennsylvania Duplicate License

If you’re original Pennsylvania learner’s permit or driver’s license gets lost, stolen, or mutilated, or you never received it. You need to surrender it out-of-state, or need to change you should apply for duplicate immediately. To obtain duplicate non-commercial learner’s permit, you need to do following

  • Complete an Application to Add or Extend or Replace Non-Commercial Learner’s Permit (DL-31).
  • Make check or money order for appropriate fee made payable to Pennsylvania.
  • Either mail application and payment to PennDOT or bring them to Driver’s License Center in person.

If you mail application and payment to PennDOT, you will receive your duplicate learner’s permit within seven to ten work days after it is processed. If you process this transaction at Drivers License Center, you will receive your duplicate learner’s permit. Read more details on moving out of state

Duplicate learner’s permit you receive will be valid for remainder of your original permit’s one-year period. This process for obtaining replacement Pennsylvania driver’s license is similar, though there are some differences. To obtain duplicate non-commercial driver’s license, you need to do following

  • Complete an Application for Change or Correction or Replacement of Non-Commercial Driver’s License (DL-80).
  • Make check or money order payable to PennDOT for appropriate fee.
  • Mail application and payment to PennDOT.

PennDOT will send you your duplicate non-commercial driver’s license if your photo is on file. If your photo is not on file, PennDOT will instead mail you camera card, which you must then bring to photo center to obtain your duplicate driver’s license with your new picture.

Note: If you’re driving privilege is sanctioned i.e. suspended, revoked, cancelled or withdrawn in another state (or states), you must resolve it first as PennDOT will not issue you duplicate. PennDOT will also check National Driver Register for any outstanding sanctions against your license or permit six and three months before it expires, sending you notification letter with contact information from state sanctioning you so you can resolve it.

Pennsylvania Driver License Renewals

Your license will expire is on front of card, which is day after your birth date four years after it was issued. Purpose of expiration dates on driver’s licenses is to allow PennDOT to re-evaluate driving skills and knowledge of drivers from time to time. PennDOT will automatically send you an “Invitation to Renew” (DL60A/DL60R) three months prior to your license’s expiration date. Following is process to renew your driver’s license:

  • Receive your Invitation to Renew (DL60A/DL60R) or obtain Form DL-143.
  • Return completed application with check or money order made payable to PennDOT in amount show on form.
  • You should receive digital ID card in mail from PennDOT within seven to ten working days after your application is processed.
  • Take camera card along with your Social Security card and appropriate identification to any Photo Center to get your new license.

Changing Your Address or Name

You must notify Pennsylvania Department of Transportation when you move or change your name within 15 days, even if you are moving out of state. To report change of address, you can either visit Driver & Vehicle Services website or call PennDOT Customer Service Center at 1-800-932-4600. To change your name, you will need to complete an Application for Change or Correction or Replacement of Non-Commercial Driver’s License (DL-80) and forward it to PennDOT.

You can also use form to report change of address. Pennsylvania DOT PennDOT will then issue you driver’s license update card, which you will need to carry with your driver’s license. There is no fee for making change of address or name to non-commercial driver’s license.

Pennsylvania Driver Manual

This manual is designed to help you become safe driver. It presents many of Pennsylvania laws governing driving. Purpose of this manual is to prepare you to take driver’s examination and to obtain Pennsylvania driver’s license. However, rules of road and traffic operations presented in this manual, how to apply to three types of vehicles recognized by Pennsylvania law.

If you are learning to drive, this manual will give you all information you need to study for driver’s examination. If you have Pennsylvania driver’s license, you can use this manual to review some of rules of road you may have forgotten or to learn about some of rules they may be new or have changed since you received your license. Use this resource for a list of Drivers License Center locations and hours of operation (PDF).

Pennsylvania Driver License Centers (DLC)

PennDOT Driver License Centers (DLC) located throughout state operated by PennDOT employees and offer driver license services.  Our DLCs only accept checks or money orders as forms of payment for products.  Please reference Find PennDOT near you on our website for more information and to verify the driver licensing services provided at each location.

Find your Nearest Pennsylvania DOT office and hours

State of Pennsylvania has wide range of different DOT locations that offer variety of specific services. You may confuse to keep track of all of them, but Department of Transportation website makes it easy. Pennsylvania DOC office locator allows you to search based on specific service you are looking for. Additionally, listing will tell you address, hours of operation and their phone number in case you need to call. To find PennDOT Driver License or Photo License Center, or to schedule a driver’s exam online, visit  or call PennDOT’s Customer Call Center at 1800-932-4600.

If you need assistance with particular PennDOT Driver License Center, please contact our Driver and Vehicle Services Customer. All driver license centers in Pennsylvania area require appointments to take skills test. Please call 800-423-5542 between hours of 8.00 am to 6.00 pm from Monday through Friday to schedule an appointment. Otherwise, you can go to your nearest driver license centre.

  • Call Center – 717-412-5300.
  • Hearing impaired callers dial 711 to assist you.

General mailing Address of Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Driver & Vehicle Services

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Riverfront Office Center

1101 S. Front St., Harrisburg PA 17104-2516

How do you schedule an appointment for Pennsylvania DOT?

It is always good idea to schedule appointment for any license related services. After all, you don’t want to spend an entire day at Department of Transportation. Pennsylvania Department of Transportation currently offers appointments for written and driving test. For more information you have to contact your nearest DOT locations. Alternative, you can use online services.

Forms used by Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

Pennsylvania Department of Transportation won’t work without proper documentation. In order to make your DOT run smoothly, it is good idea to research forms you need, along with any documents required for further verification. Pennsylvania DOT website as an extensive list of all form  they use from learner permit forms to registration forms. It is an invaluable resource if you are trying to save time at an office.

Pennsylvania Driving records

You can get copy of your Pennsylvania driving record. Having your record in your hands may motivate you to drive more responsibly in order to prevent possible suspension of your license. And easiest way to get your Pennsylvania driving record  is to get it online, but you can also obtain by mail or in person.

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