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Driving may be great privilege, but did you know it is also an important responsibility. In state of Rhode Island, you must be at least 16 years old in order to get Rhode Island learner permit. Division is responsible for motor vehicle registration, licensing of motor vehicle operators, suspension, and driver’s license. Before you get Rhode Island License, here we will provide information you need to know about obtaining learner’s permit & driver’s license.

How to Get Driver’s License in Rhode Island

As first time driver in Rhode Island, you must get an instruction permit before applying for your regular operator’s license. Obtaining driver’s license in state of Rhode Island is beginning at age 16 with proper testing completed. Getting your driver’s license in Rhode Island at age of 16 being over age of 18 has different requirements that must be met.

Preparing before registering for classes or signing up for road test is highly recommended to save time and to ensure entire process goes over smoothly. More information is available at www.dmv.ri.gov  (official site) and www.dmv.org

Rhode Island Drivers License Cost

For those living in Rhode Island getting driver’s license more than age of 18, fees included total $26.50. To renew license after each 5 years in state it is $41.50. When getting Provisional License for drivers less than age of 18, fee is currently $11.50 in state of Rhode Island. You can also check your license status https://www.ri.gov/DMV/statuscheck/

Obtaining permit for those who are less than age of 18 currently costs $11.50, and for those more than 18 seeking an instructional permit, cost is $6.50. Knowing prices ahead of time along with methods of payment your local Rhode Island’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) accepts can help to save time after waiting for during your next visit to get your license. Costs are listed in DMV Fee Table. http://www.dmv.ri.gov/forms/fee/index.php#4

Rhode Island Graduated License Stages

According to Rhode Island graduated license law, licensing procedure is divided into number of stages. As drivers license applicant proceeds through these stages, additional driving privileges are giving. Once you gain sufficient experience and fulfill all GDL requirements, all restrictions are lifted and applicant is awarded with full driver license.

At moment, graduated license program in Rhode Island has following stages

  • Complete state-recognized, DMV-compliant driver’s education course.
  • Get your limited instruction permit – 16 years of age
  • Get your limited provisional license
  • Get your full, unrestricted adult driver’s license for 17 years of age

Remember – Rhode Island graduated license rules and requirements apply only if you under 18 years of age. If you are at least 18, you can obtain Rhode Island learners permit and drivers license through application procedure. Also verify that V.I.N. from sticker/inspection report matches vehicle and contact Safety and Emission Control Office at 401- 462-5890

Rhode Island learners Permit

Applying for learners permit is first step of graduated license program. In order to eligible for permit, you must be at least 16 years of age. According to GDL requirement, you must complete Rhode Island Driver’s education program before applying for permit at Division of Motor Vehicle. If you are planning on getting Rhode Island driver’s license you will need to pass test for your learner’s permit. You can also check license plates in Rhode Island website http://www.dmv.ri.gov/plates/vanity/

What documents will take with you when apply for Rhode Island license?

When you go to apply for your first Rhode Island license there are a few documents you will need to take with you. First, you must take proof that you have had at least 33 ½ hours of drivers education approved by Community College of Rhode Island.

Once you pass your knowledge test, you will be given certificate. You will take your certificate along with your birth document, social security card and driver’s license application to local Rhode Island DMV branch. You also read more about driver license suspension http://www.dmv.ri.gov/inspections/a2noa/

How do you get Rhode Island Instructional Permit?

Rhode Island Instructional Permit is beginning license for persons learning to drive who have passed computerized test. You will be required to follow list of steps before being issued learner’s permit in state of Rhode Island. You are eligible to get your learner’s permit in Rhode Island once you are at least 16 years old. You may apply for Limited Instructional Permit at DMV. Applicants for permits must show.

  • Certified birth certificate, an active passport, Rhode Island/government identification card, (photocopies are not acceptable)
  • Education certificate of completion of thirty-three (33) hours (if you are less than eighteen 18 years of age
  • Original social security card not copy or no laminated cards
  • $10.00 cash, check or money order
  • Proof of Rhode Island residency
  • Application for Instructional Permit

Parent, legal guardian court documentation must be presented licensed foster parent (DCYF documentation must be presented), or adult spouse must accompany you to DMV. This adult person must be resident of Rhode Island and qualified to be supervising driver (as described below). Read change address on Rhode Island license https://www.ri.gov/DMV/address_change

Note-Parent who does not hold valid Rhode Island license can sign the application for child who is under eighteen (18) years old, but must be seated in the back seat during practice driving.

 Rhode Island Learners Permit Restrictions

Rhode Island instructional permit for driving has certain restrictions that every driver must follow, such as. For more information on Emissions waivers please visit www.riinspection.org.

  • You may only drive when accompanied by an adult who is at least 21 years of age and has drivers license for at least five years.
  • You and all other passengers must always wear seatbelt.

How to Earn Your Rhode Island provisional Drivers License?

To earn your limited provisional license, you must held your limited instructional permit for minimum of 6 months and not been convicted of any traffic violations during that time. You will also need to provide an affidavit that is signed by parent/guardian stating that you have completed at least 50 hours of supervised driving practice, with 10 of those hours taking place at night.

In order to get your full Rhode Island drivers license, you must be at least 17 years of age, but younger than 18. You will also need to have held a limited provisional license for a minimum of 12 months, and not been convicted of any traffic violations during the last 6 months. You can see online services provided by Rhode Island DMV http://www.dmv.ri.gov/services/

Rhode Island Driver’s License Requirements

Process for receiving your Rhode Island driver’s license depends on your age at time of application and whether you are new resident.

If you are 18 or Older

If you are 18 or older, you must meet following experience before receiving Rhode Island driver’s license

  • Pass written, vision, and driving exams before receiving your first license.
  • You must have identity document, signature document, and proof of residency as described in License or State ID Checklist.
  • You must have valid social security number or an acceptable denial letter from Social Security Administration with an acceptable visa code
  • Pay $38.50 fee. (See Fee Schedule http://www.dmv.ri.gov/forms/fee/index.php )

If you are older than 18 and have never had driver’s license, you will first need to apply for an instruction permit instead of full operator’s license. However, you have to enroll in driver education class.

Once you get provisional driver’s license, you have restrictions to consider? What are they?

Once you have your provisional license, you will have access to many of same privileges fully licensed drivers will have. However, you need to make sure you keep following rules in mind

  • You can drive at any time of day so long as you’re supervised by an adult licensed driver.
  • You may only drive without supervision between hours of 5am and 1am.
  • You may drive with no more than one passenger under 21 years of age during first year you have your license exceptions can be made for immediate family members
  • After you get your permit, you should go ahead and schedule your road test. You must hold permit for at least 6 months. You must also be getting at least 50 hours of driving experience with supervising driver with 10 of those hours at night

Rhode Island Full operator’s license

You must at least 17 years old but less than 18 years old may apply for and obtain full operator’s license you need to meets all of following requirements

  • Has held Rhode Island provisional license issued by division of motor vehicles for at least 12 months
  • Has not been convicted of motor vehicle moving violation or seat belt during preceding 6 months.

If you meet requirements of this section may obtain full operator’s license by mail. Restrictions on Instruction Permit and provisional Drivers License concerning time of driving, supervision and passenger limitations do not apply to full operator’s license. You also check new style Rhode Island license http://www.dmv.ri.gov/licenses/

New Residents in Rhode Island

If you are new resident to Rhode Island, but have license from another state, you must meet following qualifications before receiving Rhode Island driver’s license.  For new resident of Rhode Island, you have 30 days to get new driver’s license issued by state Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle. To apply, you need to visit your local Rhode Island DMV office in person.

  • Surrender license that has not been expired for longer than one year
  • Furnish proof that you are now Rhode Island resident.
  • Present your Social Security card or acceptable denial letter from Social Security Administration (with an acceptable visa code).
  • Pay $38.50 fee. See Fee Schedule http://www.dmv.ri.gov/forms/fee/index.php

Your first Rhode Island driver’s license will be two-year license that expires on your birthday.  After this, you will be allowed to renew your license for normal five-year period.

Rhode Island State Identification (ID) Requirements

If you’re out of state has been expired for more than one year, then you must apply for Rhode Island Instruction Permit by taking knowledge exam at Rhode Island DMV office. For more details about Out-of State Transfers read http://www.dmv.ri.gov/licenses/oosTransfer/

  • You must be resident of Rhode Island.
  • You may not hold valid driver’s license in Rhode Island or in any other state.
  • You must have an acceptable identity document, signature document, and proof of residency as described in License/State ID Checklist.
  • You must have valid social security number or an acceptable denial letter (with an acceptable visa code).
  • Fee for Rhode Island State ID is $26.50

Personal checks are NOT accepted for payment for Rhode Island State ID. For more information on Drivers licenses and State ID’s, see the DMV website. http://www.dmv.ri.gov/licenses/

What you need to do if you are moving out of Rhode Island State?

First, you must cancel your plates by visiting to any of Rhode Island DVM branch location. You have another option, you can mail your plates and registration to DMV Cranston Head office. You must inform town in which you are taxed of your new address. You make sure to get receipt for plate cancellation.

How to check your Rhode Island driver license renewal Notice?

As per law, drivers must renew their driving licenses in State of Rhode Island before expiration, which is every two or five years depend on your age. You will receive renewal form in mail about three weeks prior to expiration date on your driver’s license. Don’t worry if you don’t receive renewal notice. Your temporary license is valid for 90 days. If your license does not arrive in this period of time, you can contact DMV at 401- 462-4368 for assistance.

Renew in Person

Visit any DMV location and bring with you

  • Your expiring license
  • Your renewal notice, if you received
  • Credit card or check to pay $31.50 renewal fee ($9.50 if you’re 75 or older).

You will receive temporary license, valid for 60 days. If your permanent license does not arrive in mail during this temporary, you must visit Rhode Island DMV local office.

Rhode Island Driver’s License Change of Address By Mail

Rhode Island requires all licensed drivers to notify Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) within 10 days of an address change. If you don’t want an updated photo license, you can download change of address form from Rhode Island DMV website http://www.dmv.ri.gov/licenses/address/ . Mail completed form to

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

100 Main St.

Pawtucket, Rhode Island- 02860

If you wish new photo license that displays your updated address, you have to visit Rhode Island’s DMV branch office locations. Be sure to bring your current license, $26.50 processing fee, and proof of residency. Acceptable identification may include visit Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles http://www.dmv.ri.gov/  for more information.

How to Change Your Address on Your Rhode Island Drivers License in Person?

You can complete Rhode Island driver’s license change of address in person through Rhode Island DMV branch location, if eligible. When changing driver’s license address in person, you have option of requesting replacement license to drive displaying their new address. To change address on Rhode Island DMV license ID in person, you need following documents.

  • You must present current license
  • Submit proof of residency.
  • Fill out standard License/ID/Permit Application (Form LI-1).
  • Pay fee for duplicate license, if applicable.

After reviewing and approving your DMV license change of address application, division will process your request for new record containing your updated address.

Replace Drivers License in Rhode Island

If your Rhode Island driver’s license is lost or stolen, you must request for replacement license from Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Driving vehicle in Rhode Island without license is punishable by law and lead to serious fines and possible jail time. Here you can see all information you need to replace your driver’s license easily. You can access the entire Rhode Island Driver’s Manual online at http://www.dmv.ri.gov/licenses/manuals/.

Procedure to replace lost, stolen or damaged driver’s license requires you to provide certain documents and to pay necessary license issuance fees. Furthermore, there is various application methods from which you can choose. To save you time and stress, DMV provides you with all details about requirements you must meet and most efficient way to complete transaction. Rhode Island driver’s license can be replaced at any Rhode Island DMV branch location.

Determine Status of Your license

To maintain your status as legal driver, you must renew your driver’s license every five years or two years if you are 75 or older. In addition to license, you also need to carry car insurance.  https://www.ri.gov/DMV/statuscheck/

Rhode Island Scheduling an appointment

In order to save time at Rhode Island DMV branch, you can make an appointment ahead of time. Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle only offers appointment by phone or by online https://www.ri.gov/app/dmv/road_tests/  for road test. However, there are number of services you can do online you don’t need to wait for service at DMV office. Check Rhode Island DVM online service page http://www.dmv.ri.gov/services/

Forms of Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicle

Rhode Island DMV is taking care of most of services it offers. Also it offers various forms http://www.dmv.ri.gov/forms/various/index.php/ that you can access on official website. With this handy guide, you can quickly find and print out Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles form you need. If you need help to find right form, you may call Rhode Island DMV at 401-462-4368 for further assistance. Rhode Island DMV easily collects all their forms and paperwork on webpage for convenient viewing and printing http://www.dmv.ri.gov/forms/

How to get your Rhode Island Driving Record fast & Easy?

It is important to check periodically your Rhode Island driving record. Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) keeps track of states driving records. Monitoring your record also allows you to keep track of any convictions you may incurred. You may also request to present your own driving records each year.

Rhode Island driving records list is for three years. You can order your Rhode Island driving record in person, online or by mail. To get your record in person, you can visit DMV location page here http://www.dmv.ri.gov/locations/ . Fill out required information such as your name, birth date and driver’s license number and fees is $19.50. State does not provide free driving record, you will required to pay following fee to obtain your driving record

  • In person- $17.50.
  • By mail – $17.50.
  • Online – $19.50.

Rhode Island Driving Record In Person, By Mail

First, way to obtain your Rhode Island driving record online is to visit Rhode Island DMV website. You can request copy of your driving record online https://www.ri.gov/DMV/mvr/citizen/  and follow instructions to complete your application and receive your driving record form at website.  To order your Rhode Island driving record by mail, you can send written request that includes your name, date of birth, license number and address to

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

Operator Control

600 New London Avenue

Cranston, Rhode Island – 02920

Rhode Island Driver’s Manual

Get current Rhode Island Motor Vehicle Division driver’s study guide to prepare for learner’s permit exam http://www.dmv.ri.gov/documents/manuals/Driver_Manual_FINAL.pdf . Read this Driver’s Manual carefully. It contains wealth of information that you will need to know to be good driver. Information on written test and road test is covered in this manual.

Once you have obtained your driver’s license, keep this manual where you can find it easily and refer to it. You will be ready to get your Rhode Island driver’s license. While manual contains great deal of useful information about state laws and driving procedures, this is not legal document. For up-to-date changes in laws, fees, and procedures, log onto to www.dmv.ri.gov or www.rilin.state.ri.us.

Rhode Island DMV offices | Locations, Hours & Phone Numbers

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles falls under the Department of Revenue. Rhode Island DMV requires all motor vehicles to be properly documented and insured. For this purpose, number of services is offered by department to keep up to date and complete. See these http://www.dmv.ri.gov/locations/ listings for Rhode Island DMV offices. These offices are listed by city, with all listings including address, map and directions, hours of operation and phone number.

Firstly, drivers of all kinds of motor vehicles are required to have driver’s license. Licenses vary from Graduated License to Commercial Driver’s license, depending upon type of vehicle being driven and age of driver.

Rhode Island DMV Contact Information

In case license expires, driver is required to get it renewed for which request can be sent online. Department is also authorized to issue IDs and International Driving Permits. This office will open from 8.30 am to 3.15 pm from Monday through Friday. Requests can also be made for replacements and renewals in case of license being lost or being expired. http://www.dmv.ri.gov/contact/

Rhode Island Division of Motor Vehicles

Call center – 401- 462-4368


Division of Motor Vehicles

600 New London Ave.

Cranston, RI 02920

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