What is the Age eligibility for a driving license in Singapore

 Class 1 minimum age is18 years: issued to only physical disabilities.

Class 2B (minimum of 18 years):  Motorcycles whose engine capacity doesn’t exceed to 200cc.

Class 2A (minimum of 19 years):  Motorcycles whose engine capacity not exceeding to 400cc with an ownership of at least a year

Class 2 (minimum of 20 years):  Motorcycle engine capacity exceeds 40cc, where motorcycle ownership of at least a year.

Class 3 (minimum 18):  Motor cars with manual and Automatic transmissions and the weight not exceeding 3000 kg and only 7 passengers and a driver can travel.

Class 3A (minimum 18): It has only automatic transmission without any clutch pedals with a weight of 3000kg.

Class 3C (minimum 18):  Work permit and S-Pass holders are going to participate and pass the basic theory test that helps them to convert their foreign driving license.

Class 3CA (minimum 18): This is introduced to the new drivers who are willing to drive automated class 3C vehicles.

Class 4A (Minimum of 21): Omnibus license will cancel only when he or she leaves the company.

Class 4(minimum of 21): Heavy vehicles whose weight is of 2500 kg those are constructed to carry the load of passengers.

Class 5(minimum of 21): Heavy motor vehicles who do not carry any load more than 7250 kgs.

What are the types of driving license in Singapore?

You can see three types of driving license those are

  • Provisional Driving License (PDL)
  • Qualified Driving License (QDL)
  • Vocational Driving Licence (VDL)

Provisional Driving License (PDL):

You have to follow a licensed driving instructor who sits beside you and guides you while driving. The vehicle used for learning driving should display two 18cm square ‘L’ plates, should be placed on both sides of the vehicle. The vehicles should be insured that may cause risk against third-party, driving tuition and the practical tests.

  • You can move further to take driving lessons after securing the Provisional Driving License (PDL).
  • All the official driving centers have organized driving lessons and competent that helps to train your driving skills.

Final Theory (FTT)

In order to apply the practical driving test first has to pass through the Final Theory Test (FTT). The FTT keeps a test to check your knowledge on the safety they measures and proper techniques of driving. Therefore, candidates who are applying for the driving license should pass the Practical Driving Test within 2 years since the date of passing of FTT. Otherwise, you have to resit for the FTT again. However, you can get a final Theory handbook can be found on TP’s Online Learning Portal.

Practical Driving Test (PDT)

Practical Driving Test will manage by a driving Tester chosen by the Traffic Police. Therefore, everyone should check whether the vehicle used is in good mechanical condition and properly insured for the test.

The Practical Driving Test consists of two parts. The first part is performed on a driving circuit that is to check your skills and judgment. The second part is organized on the public roads.  As a result, it will test your driving abilities that interact safely with other road users and how you follow the traffic rules and regulations


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